GIBVIP Bathrooms is one of the most professional and reputable bathroom renovation and bathroom tiling companies in Perth and throughout Western Australia, boasting over 20 years of local knowledge and experience in successfully transforming and repairing Perth’s bathrooms.

Along with competitive pricing, we ensure you, the client, is completely satisfied with our bathroom tiling services. We’re one of the most experienced bathroom tilers in Perth, combining quality craftsmanship and attention to detail with outstanding service and results.

Not only do we operate on budget and on-time, we have a reputation of working well with other tradies to ensure your job is done to the highest of standards, giving you the best result possible and making your bathroom tiling experience as painless as possible.

For your small bathroom renovation, bathroom tiling and waterproofing, as well as installing luxury bathroom fixtures, call us on 0414 730 581 or email us to chat about your individual needs, we’re happy to help and have a chat about your individual needs!



Partnering with some of the best bathroom tile suppliers in Perth.

Not all tilers are reliable when it comes to providing quality, durable tiles that also fit your aesthetic, some just don’t have access to a wide range of both local and imported tiles, but we do! We work with some of the best tile suppliers in Perth to give you a range of high quality finishes and bathroom tiling options, making sure your bathroom tiling result it not only functional but truly beautiful, creating the look that compliments your home.

Call or email us and we’d be happy to have a chat and introduce you to some of the many bathroom finishes and tiles you could ever need.



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